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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Review: Alfie's Search for Destiny

Alfie is not very old, but he’s determined to discover his Destiny. While he attempts to work out whether his Destiny is something he should make or see, his mother tries to reassure him that a Destiny is simply something that is meant to be.

Unhappy waiting for his Destiny to come to him, Alfie sets out in search of his life's calling. He asks all the animals he meets along the way and searches high and low, but his Destiny is nowhere to be found.

Finally, after weeks of searching, Alfie feels defeated and returns home. As he approaches the warm welcome from his parents and experiences the sense of belonging that being home brings, he realises that his Destiny was waiting for him all along.

Alfie's Search for Destiny has an encouraging, positive message about belonging and accepting that our destiny or purpose can’t be forced, manufactured or hunted down – it is part of who were are and where we belong and it will become real to us in the right time.

The story is presented in simply rhyming text accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by author/illustrator David Hardy. David’s experience at Walt Disney Animation Studios is evident in the style and quality of the illustrations, with Alfie, the animals and the beautiful backgrounds featuring the Australian outback having an animation-like quality that is very appealing and lends a real sense of movement to the pictures.

I particular enjoyed reading a mainstream picture book featuring Indigenous characters reflecting something of the heritage of our country and young readers from all sorts of backgrounds are sure to relate to Alfie’s determination to discover for himself the answers to his questions.

There are teachers' notes available for this book.

Title: Alfie's Search for Destiny
Author/Illustrator: David Hardy
Publisher: Magabala Books, $17.95 RRP
Publication Date: July 2013
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9781922142115
For ages: 5-8
Type: Picture Book