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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Review: A Christmas Tail

Even mice have homes; they eat and sleep, get into mischief, and occupy themselves in various ways. Cherrywood Cottage has such a family. The cottage sits near a window in the attic of a house that faces onto an orchard.

It is Christmas time and Melanie, Monty and little Peter Mouse are preparing treats for Santa Paws. The homeless Rupert Rat (who is also Peter’s secret friend) and his mate Clive Cat have their eyes on the food, or at least an expectation of leftovers from what Santa Paws might bring. The two mates have been undiscovered visitors to the cottage for a long time.

But expect the unexpected at Christmas time. Santa’s pants catch and tear then he is surprised by Rupert. This causes a chain of catastrophic events and Rupert is saved by an escape on Clive’s back down the drainpipe. 

Giving and sharing is the spirit of Christmas, and thankfully ever present. Peter and Santa make sure that no-one goes without.

This delightful tale on the meaning of Christmas is tenderly expressed through a mouse family. The detailed illustrations in daring colours sit upon coloured pages of fine quality paper. The covers are a continued spread depicting Santa Paws by a roaring fireplace beside the Christmas tree. Beautifully produced, this is the first of a new collection about the Mouse family so watch out for more.

Title: A Christmas Tail
Authors: Donna Smith & Helen Ross
Illustrator: Aaron Pocock
Publisher: Spider Ink Press, $24.95 RRP, eBook, Kindle & iTunes: $9.99
Publication Date: October 2013
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780987306715
For Ages: 0-5
Type: Christmas Picture Book