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- author Jackie French

Sunday 8 December 2013

Review: Friends

Once there were two friends who played and danced and did everything together. Then one day, one friend moved away.

The other was heartbroken. He missed her and he knew he must find her. Taking a deep breath, he counts to ten then plunges into the search.

Through a swift river, underneath the stars, over a mountaintop, through a broad meadow and lashings of rain into a deep forest and out through a flower garden ...

... where he gathers a posie for his re-found friend.

This book is about more than friendship. It's about the power of connection, the strength of devotion and love. It's about a lifetime of searching and reconnecting with those who make a deep and lasting impression on our lives.

The simple storyline is far outweighed by a goose-bumping depth both children and adults will adore. This style of book is so very Eric Carle--that divine simplicity that touches the heart.

The author's iconic illustrations are pure delight against snowy white pages, and a final, mesmerising photograph of when Carle was three, will have the more mature amongst us wondering about our own past--and those who may or may not become part of our future.

Title: Friends
Author/Illustrator: Eric Carle
Publisher: Puffin, $24.99 RRP
Publication Date: 20 November 2013
Format: Hard cover with dust jacket
ISBN: 9780723281504
For ages: 3 - 10
Type: Picture Book