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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Review: Just One of Those Days

A girl and her father plan a fun Saturday together, but things don’t go quite the way they expect. Despite their best intentions, it is ‘just one of those days’ – things go missing, bossy children ruin a visit to the park, the weather doesn’t co-operate and things are generally just not as happy as they would like.

Just when they think that they should return home, the disappointing day turns into an evening that delights them with a wonderful surprise and an unexpected new friend, reminding both the young girl and readers that sometimes happy moments can come along when we least expect them.

Gorgeous and wonderfully detailed illustrations by Harmke Wijbenga accompany this enjoyable story by UK author Richard Penny. The relationship between the girl and her father is quite touching and their ability to try to make the best of things, even when their plans continue to go awry, is an encouraging reminder for both children and parents.

I could get lost in some of the illustrations in this story, particularly the wonderful double page spread showing the girl’s bedroom with a cubbyhouse-like bed and a room brimming with interesting toys and clutter.  I also loved the scenes with the girl and her new friend dancing about with sparklers. There are lovely quirky details in some drawings too. I especially like the piano-playing octopus in the movie theatre scene.

Just One of Those Days is an ultimately positive and encouraging story about friendship, family, coincidence and making the best of things, beautifully presented and sure to be enjoyed by children and adults. 25% of all profits from the first edition of the book will be donated to Railway Children, an international charity that provides support and services for vulnerable children who live at risk on the streets.

Title: Just One of Those Days
Author: Richard Penny
Illustrator: Harmke Wijbenga
Publisher: Blinding Books, £6.99 RRP
Publication Date: October 2013
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9780956781161
For ages: 4-9
Type: Picture Book