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- author Jackie French

Thursday 9 January 2014

Review: Line 135

Another example of two superlative talents coming together, I adore this Zullo/Albertine blending, in a book of such divine simplicity, you close the last page and head straight to the start again.

A child walks hand-in-hand with a parent, and boards a train for Grandma's house in the country.

Along the way, the child narrates her thoughts aloud--and we are privy to each and every thought she has.

As the city slides away and the train makes its way into the country, past the shops and the signs, the skyscrapers and the apartment buildings, through the industrial sites, into the 'burbs, past swamps and rivers and strange creatures on the trackside, our girl tells us that her mum and grandmother always say that when you're big, life will go by very quickly. They say "You'll see!"

Wanting to be big so she can understand things better, the girl quickly philosophises that life will not scare her--that wherever she goes, she will take life with her. She will not let it escape. And then she'll be able to say to her mother and grandmother "You see!"

This is such a sweetly simple and beautiful story, with the most divine line drawing artwork, featuring a fluorescent bullet train that passes through scene after scene in the most entrancing way.

Put simply? A must-have for picture book lovers.

Title: Line 135
Author: Germano Zullo
Illustrator: Albertine
Publisher: Chronicle, $26.95 RRP
Publication Date:
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781452119342
For ages: 4 - 10
Type: Picture Book