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Thursday 13 February 2014

Review: Australia's Greatest People and Their Achievements

Celebrating people who have made their mark on our country and the world, author Linsay Knight says in her introduction to Australia’s Greatest People & Their Achievements, “Being ‘great’ is quite different from being famous or being a celebrity. It is hard to define …. Greatness is something to do with making a special, lasting contribution that everyone remembers and appreciates - and always will. So it’s about achievements and success, but it’s also about character, perseverance and uniqueness.”

There is much more that could be said about each of those chosen for inclusion in this book. Some biographies are just a paragraph in length, while others are a page. However Australia’s Greatest People & Their Achievements offers brief snapshots of their lives that remind us of how these Australians have stood out from the crowd (some literally, others figuratively) and made a difference.

Accompanied by photographs, the biographies are divided into categories like pioneers, science and medicine, social justice, literature, politics and others. With a comprehensive index as well, it is easy to browse or search for a particular person or subject.

Discover the lives of people like:
  • Manning Clark, historian and writer
  • Edward Koiki Mabo, indigenous land rights campaigner
  • William Dobell, painter
  • Florence Broadhurst, designer and entrepreneur
  • Vivian Bullwinkel, nurse and midwife
  • Nancy Bird-Walton, aviatrix

Australia’s Greatest People & Their Achievements is recommended by the publisher, and this reviewer, for primary school students studying history, politics, culture and identity.

Title: Australia’s Greatest People & Their Achievements
Author: Linsay Knight
Publisher: Random House, $24.95 RRP
Publication Date: November 2013
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780857980205
For ages: 10+
Type: Junior non-fiction