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- author Jackie French

Saturday 22 February 2014

Review: History of Britain and Ireland

Subtitled The Definitive Visual Guide, this stunning tome presents history in a way unique to DK--a publisher world-renowned for its aesthetically-striking books.

Ideal for visual learners, and to aid and abet student retention, the history of Britain and Ireland is resplendently showcased, with page after page of paintings, diagrams, photographs, text boxes and fascinating, clearly-written content.

Chapters comprise Britons and Invaders (up to 1066), Medieval Britain (to 1485), Tudors and Stuarts (to 1688), Rise of Power (to 1815), Industry and Empire (to 1914), and Modern Times (to present). Each chapter begins with an introduction and then a succinct timeline of events, providing a clear, easily-accessible overview.

I have to admit, my heart thundered when I opened this book, and I dived in headlong, drinking in the pockets of information, haplessly hoping they would enter my memory and forever stick. Of course, no one could eternally hold such a mass of information, but the visual content and contextual layout will certainly help with recollection--as will the fascinating, carefully-curated entries.

This is a glorious reference book and timeless overview of a mesmerising snatch in world history, in a land that once was, and will perhaps always be, the epicentre of the world.

Title: History of Britain and Ireland: The Definitive Visual Guide
Contributors: RG Grant, Ann Kay, Michael Kerrigan, Miri Rubin
Publisher: DK, $35 RRP
Publication Date:  2 January 2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781409346265
For ages: 12+
Type: History