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- author Jackie French

Saturday 15 March 2014

Shout Out: Crack the Books Educational Apps

Crack the Books is a series of educational books, in app form, that have been developed in collaboration with several US universities. The result is apps that deliver a truly exceptional learning experience.

Each app in the series features hundreds of supporting video clips and other visual elements, such as high-definition photographs, fun facts, custom animation and interactive charts, tables and maps.

But what really sets them apart is that they are the first interactive apps that can be adjusted for reading level, making them suitable for children from early primary school level right up to high school, gifted children as well as those with disabilities or other limitations. Comprehension is further enhanced with pop-up definitions as new vocabulary is introduced.

Among the subjects covered are earth habitats, geography, the weather, physics, the human body and the solar system. To find out more, visit the Crack the Books website. Titles are also available on iTunes.