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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 21 May 2014

KBR Recommends: You Choose ... series

A brand-new series of interactive novels for the highly adventurous, who love to choose their own storyline outcome. Read if you dare! Mistakes will cost you dearly! 

Wealth beyond your wildest dreams or deadly pirate's curse!

You find an old map while holidaying in a secluded seaside town. It is said to have belonged to the fiercest pirate of them all – One-Eyed William, who was buried with his treasure. Could it be real, or is it someone's idea of a joke? You set off to follow the map to find out . . .

Will you uncover the treasure of Dead Man's Cove, or will you be destined for doom?

You Choose ...

Supreme ruler of the world or misfortune for life!

You are an ordinary kid – or so you think. Strange things start to happen. You make a rabbit appear from underneath your teacher's hat. Then you dream about a mystical diamond and a mysterious old woman with long white hair. It turns out you have magical powers ...

Do you try to keep your talents hidden or do you go off to Magic School?

The You Choose books are published by Random House and retail for $14.99 each.