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Friday 23 May 2014

KBR Short Story: Dragonflight

by Dorothy Olsen

Thunder booms and lightening clashes across the sky and down into the English valley, echoing into all the crevices and gullies. Hidden within caves on rocky outcrops; a wing of dragons wait for the birth of two dragonlings.

As each dragonling breaks free from its egg and take its first breath, the wing of dragons roar deep into the night. The first born, Blaze, stands and spreads her bat-like wings. As she opens her mouth to speak, a puff of black smoke billows.

The last to be born, Garnok, lays motionless. The egg, which had once enclosed him, has been too small for both his body and wings.  His mother nudges her dragonling. Garnok stirs and opens his eyes. As he stands on wobbly legs he tries to unfold both his wings. With his left wing failing to open fully, he stumbles and falls on his back. His mother looks on in despair. A dragon that cannot fly will be exposed to many dangers.


The sun beams brightly over the valley; its warmth coaxes the dragons from their lairs. In the distance Garnok hears a dragon call. He peers into the morning sky and sees Blaze. She has already taken flight.  Gracefully and smoothly she flies through the air bobbing her head up and down. She stops above Garnok and hovers in the air for a moment, then with slow, light flaps of her bat-like wings, lowers herself to the ground. Sadness fills Garnok.  Blaze smiles and with a gentle push beckons Garnok to make another attempt to fly.

‘All dragons can fly,’ she says.

With Blazes encouragement Garnok spreads his wings and begins to flap them.

‘You can do it,’ cheers Blaze.

Garnok flaps his bat-like wings until he feels his body become lighter and begins to lift into the air .With his left wing slightly bent out of shape it creates an uneven uplift and Garnok suddenly falls backwards.

‘It’s no use,’ says Garnok, sadly. ‘My left wing just won’t work the way it should.  Even magic is unable to help me fly.’


The wing of dragons seeks the advice of the old wise dragon, Maliik. Maliik teaches Garnok another way to fly, how to glide. Garnok listens and practices every day to build up his strength.

When he is ready, Garnok clambers a top a high rocky outcrop. The other dragons below watch in earnest. Taking a deep breath, Garnok opens his wings. He adjusts his right wing to be in unison with his left and with head down uses the power of his developing legs to run and push himself off the high ledge. The other dragons roar as Garnok takes off and glides swiftly and silently through the air.

As he glides downwards towards the valley below, Garnok looks behind and sees Blaze following him.

Dorothy Olsen developed an interest in writing for children when working as an early childhood educator. Her passion for writing includes picture books and short stories. She is currently working on adult crime fiction.

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