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Sunday 11 May 2014

Review: My Mum Says the Strangest Things

Wonderful picture book duo Katrina Germein and Tom Jellett have shifted their focus from the ‘funny’ comments made by dads to the strange things that mothers say.

Be prepared to read this book with your children and have them send knowing glances your way as they come across some of your favourite comments. ‘Your room is a pigsty’ and ‘I have eyes in the back of my head’ are just two phrases that had a familiar ring for us. I also love ‘when Mum’s cold she tells me to wear a jumper’ and ‘when Mum’s tired she says everyone needs an early night.’ It’s funny because it’s true.

The fun, colourful illustrations and the chance to have a giggle about the strange things mothers say are sure to have young readers reaching for this book over and over. Parenting can be pretty serious business at times and these books (My Mum… and the two My Dad… books) give everyone a chance to take a more light-hearted look at the things we do and say as parents.

Thank you Katrina and Tom for capturing these silly and strange parenting moments and gathering them together for us to enjoy.

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Title: My Mum Says the Strangest Things
Author: Katrina Germein
Illustrator: Tom Jellett
Publisher: Black Dog Books, $24.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 April 2014
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781922179562
For ages: 3-7
Type: Picture Book