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Saturday 28 June 2014

Review: Saving the Farm (Chook Chook #3)

Mei is now happy and settled in her blended family, but all is not well. A government official has made plans to build a freeway through their tiny village and he expects everyone to sell their homes without argument.

He did not expect to meet people like Mei and her family who fight to protect their farm and the entire village. However, when they refuse to sell their land, the government official springs bad news with a decidedly menacing sneer.

Can Mei and her family stop the freeway from being built? How do you fight powerful government officials? You’ll never guess who saves the day—or will you?

This third and final instalment in the Chook Chook series is as gentle and full of sensory details as those before it. This story about rural life in a Chinese village is combined with contemporary issues that face all of us: standing up to authority when you believe they are wrong.

Chook Chook: Saving the Farm is a delightful third instalment to Mei’s story about overcoming grief, adjusting to life with a blended family and treasuring the simple village life, always with her chooks close at hand.

The previous titles in the series are Mei's Secret Pets (KBR review) and Little and Lo in the City (KBR review). There are classroom resource notes available for this series at the Wai Chim's website.

Title: Saving the Farm (Chook Chook #3)
Author: Wai Chim
Publisher: UQP, $14.95 RRP
Publication Date: June 2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780702253164
For ages: 7+
Type: Junior Fiction