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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Review: Once a Creepy Crocodile

Once a creepy crocodile crawled towards a riverbed ...

Can you already hear that catchy tune? Modeled on one of Australian's most iconic songs, Waltzing Matilda, this rollicking book follows the travails of a very creepy croc whose keen to have his local comrades over for 'afternoon tea'.

Much to his friends' despair, Baby Brolga is happy to go along for a bite to eat. Despite their warning, Cros assures him there's nothing to fear, so off he flaps for a spot of tea by the riverbank.

Despite the pretty tea pot and lovely treats on offer, the atmosphere is becoming rather tense, so Snake steps (or rather, slithers) in. Can Snake and the friendly animals save Baby Brolga from a fate worse than lamingtons?

The rhythm of this tale is really well done, and the accompanying CD (performed by Rusty Bether) will make it a lot of fun for kids to read along to. Simply gorgeous illustrations by Nina Rycroft will delight kids, as will the unexpected ending.

My favourite page of all, though, is the final addendum page, with a little pop of humour that really made me giggle.

A fabulous take on this classic picture book/audio combination.

Title: Once a Creepy Crocodile
Author: Peter Taylor
Illustrator: Nina Rycroft
Publisher: The Five Mile Press, $ RRP
Publication Date: 1 July 2014
Format: Hard cover with CD
ISBN: 9781743467282
For ages: 2 - 8
Type: Picture Book, Audio


  1. Many thanks for this lovely, review, Tania. I'm so pleased that you have enjoyed it and also that the publisher, The Five Mile Press, has included the traditional version of Waltzing Matilda on the CD, as well as the song using the book's words. The sheet music of my version of the melody is downloadable free of charge from my website http://www.writing-for-children.com/Once-a-Creepy-Crocodile.html for those who wish to play or sing it, including choirs. And there's also some outlines of characters to colour and true facts about the wildlife. If anyone posts a video of a performance or of a child enjoying the book on YouTube, I will send them a small gift.

  2. Fantastic Review, Tania! Hilarious book, Peter!:)


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