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Friday 29 August 2014

KBR Short Story: The Bake Off

by Megan Kitchin

Libby and Meg were best friends.
They did so many things together.
They were athletes.
…Loving parents…

They were even members of the royal family! Dressing up was so much fun.

One day they decided to be chefs and have the ultimate bake off.

First they had to collect things from the backyard. Leaves, rocks, twigs and sand would all make perfect ingredients!

 “Oooh look at these lovely greens... they'll be super tasty in my cooking!” said Libby.
 “Well these will add some crunch to my dishes,” bragged Meg.

Once they had collected everything it was time to organise the cubby kitchen.

“Make sure you get all the bowls out Meg, I’ve got the wooden spoons. I’m probably going to win,” Libby was very confident.

“Actually I think I will win. I’m making cookies so I’ll need some trays... and that big pot for soup,” said Meg.

"Ready?” asked Libby.

"Ready!" confirmed Meg.

"Let the battle begin!”

Mixing, measuring…
Chopping, churning…
Bashing, basting...

Libby realised she needed some flour for her pie crust. She reached to take some of Megs.
“No! That’s mine,” Meg snapped.

Meg noticed she didn’t have enough greens for her soup. She tried to sneak some of Libby’s.
“No! They’re mine!” Libby shrieked.

The girls stared at each other… they were stuck. “What are we going to do?” asked Meg.
“Perhaps we could share the ingredients?” suggested Libby.
“Yes… I guess we could try.”

The girls baked and baked, swapping this for that, until their dishes were ready for judging.

"Mum can say who the winner is- MUUUUUUUM!" shouted Libby.

"What's all this noise- my goodness, what a feast!"

"Yes, it’s amazing. We’ve had a bake off and we need to know who the winner is,” Libby demanded.

"I couldn't possibly decide, it all looks so delicious and you've both been working so hard. I think you're both winners." And she turned and went back inside.

That answer wasn't good enough. A bake off needed a winner. Didn’t it?
"How about your baby brother?” suggested Meg.
“Hmmm, I guess we could try him.” But Libby wasn’t too sure. She went to collect him.

“Okay Gus, who made the yummiest food? Do you like mine… or Meg's?"
Gus looked at the bowls of mud slop and then said…

The girls were frustrated. They decided they needed a different judge.
“How about your dog Thunder?" Meg said.
“Thunder, Thunder, come here boy!” the girls called.

They soon realised this wasn’t a good idea.
Thunder was huge.
Huge and heavy.
Huge, heavy and very clumsy!

He leapt in excitement towards the girls and when he landed, everything was catapulted into the air and flung across the backyard.

The girls looked at each other in shock. Libby began to sob.
“Don’t cry, that was fun… we can always have another bake off tomorrow,” Meg said.
“I guess so,” agreed Libby, wiping away her tears. “But next time, let’s not have a judge.”
“Good idea!” agreed Meg.

Megan Kitchin is a primary school teacher and mother of 5 gorgeously crazy children. She loves to illustrate books and more recently write stories.

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