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Friday 8 August 2014

KBR Short Story: The Best of Friends

by Kaye Baillie

Tess and Sienna were the best of friends.
They first met when they were still on the inside.
When they were babies they shared pram rides,
feeding time
and first wobbly steps.

When they were older they shared swim lessons,
cupcakes at kindy
and first wobbly teeth.

Tess and Sienna agreed that having a best friend was as warm as hot chocolate on a cold night.
They thought it was as lovely as the sweet smell of spring.
And most of all it felt like holding a soft warm hand.

Nothing came between them, until one day Tess said, “Guess what?”
“What?” asked Sienna.
“Mum’s having a baby!”
“A baby?”
“I’m going to be a big sister!” said Tess.

Months went by and Tess and Sienna did all the things they usually did.
And Tess did a little bit more.

Then one night, while it was still very dark, Sienna heard the phone ring. She heard
her mother talking. Then she heard her say, “It’s a girl!”

Amber Rose was the talk around the breakfast table as Mum told Dad and Sienna the details.
“She weighs...”
“Her hair is...”
“And she looks like...”

“When can I see Tess?” sniffed Sienna.
“Soon,” laughed Mum. “They need time to enjoy the new baby.”
“Hmmm,” said Sienna.
The rest of the day did not go well. Sienna sneezed and coughed and had a bad case of the flops.

The next day Sienna asked, “Now can we visit Tess?”
“There’s one problem,” said Mum. “You have a bad cold. That’s not good for
a new baby.”
“More waiting,” groaned Sienna. “Babies change everything.”
Without her best friend, Sienna felt like a hot chocolate gone cold.
She felt as gloomy as a wet winter’s day.
And she felt like a cuddle with nowhere to go.

Days went by, slowly. “Now can we visit Tess?” asked Sienna.
“Yes,” said Mum.
“Yay!” shouted Sienna.
“But not until this afternoon,” said Mum. “I have an appointment.”

Later they arrived at Tess’ house. Before they went in Mum whispered something to Sienna. “Not a word yet,” said Mum.
Sienna raced up the steps and rang the doorbell.
“Tess!” said Sienna, hugging her friend. “I’ve missed you so much.”
“Come and see Amber Rose,” said Tess.

Sienna went over to the bassinet and looked in. A little face looked back making spit bubbles.
Sienna stroked the very ends of the baby’s wispy hair.
And when she touched Amber Rose’s hand she wrapped her tiny fingers around Sienna’s finger.
Sienna looked at Mum.
Mum nodded.
“Tess!” said Sienna, almost losing breath. “Guess what?”
“What?” asked Tess.
“Mum’s having a baby!”
“A baby?” Tess took Sienna’s hands and they jumped up and down then ran round and round in circles. They dropped to the floor laughing.
Sienna and Tess agreed that a new baby made them feel like warm caramel fudge.
And they definitely agreed that having a new baby was as exciting as opening a great big birthday surprise...
...every day.

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