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Sunday 21 September 2014

Blog Tour: The Summoning of the One: Interview with Royce Bond

KBR welcomes author Royce Bond, on tour for the release of his new fantasy novel The Summoning of the One. We hope you enjoy this interview which sheds some interesting light on the author process.

Who is your favourite author and why?
I have two favourite authors, C.S. Lewis and Tolkein. I love the worlds they created and have spent numerous hours in those worlds.

My wife and I actually purchased a Chronicles of Narnia book on our honeymoon. She began reading it to me aloud and this continued almost every night for thirty years. It’s only in the last four years that we have stopped this habit, but now I’m writing this, I feel I’d like her to start again.
Some writers have a preferred writing schedule. Do you?
I do. I visualize what my next chapter is going to be about. Then the next day I write a plan of that chapter. For two days after that, I listen to music and visualize again using that plan. Then I add to the plan, all the little bits that make that chapter come to life. Finally, I write it, while listening to instrumental music.

Do you have a favourite place to write?
Yes, down stairs in my medieval room. I have created a space that looks like it comes from the 13th Century. When I have a lamp over my desk and some music on I’m not in 2014 anymore, I’m in my fantasy world.

Follow Royce on tour by clicking right here. Each day you will learn a little more about this exciting book and its unique author.

About the book
Andrew Weatherby, a bullied computer nerd from Central Queensland is ripped from his world to lead The Knights of Katesch in their direct attack on Maligor the Destroyer. In the midst of the battle in Mountain City, he rescues princess Katarin to find he has been betrothed to her since birth.

This feisty young lady risks her life to save Andrew. The Knights believe that have finally defeated Maligor after ten thousand years of conflict. In an attempt to escape the fanatic red guards seeking revenge for the death of their god, Agmar accidentally releases a monster army: the Kazdoom.

eBook available on Amazon, Smashwords and many online stores. Published by Morris Publishing, $20, for ages 12+.