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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Review: Glasses to Go

It's not just the teachers and the librarians who wear glasses, oh no no no. Many people wear them--and lo, they are a varied lot.

There are also many different types of glasses. Some fly high up in the sky. Others zoom along in a car race. A good rock-n-roll star cannot be caught between gigs without them, and what do you need to talk the red carpet?

That's right.

This monochromatic board book for tots is a beautifully-created peek ('scuse the pun) at glasses of all types. Not only that, in a bright blue pocket inside the front cover (don't you love pockets!?), kids can find a range of glasses they can remove and click onto the faces featured in the book.

Can a rockstar wear pilot glasses? Can a movie star look like a professor?

Lots of eye-candy (sorry) for graphic design aficionados, this super cute book will be dog-eared in no time. In a good way.

Title: Glasses to Go
Author: Hannah Eliot
Illustrator: Daniel Roode
Publisher: Little Simon, $9.99 RRP
Publication Date: 11 November 2014
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9781481417914
For ages: 2 - 5
Type: Board Book