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- author Jackie French

Monday 15 December 2014

Review: Fiddlesticks!

All is wonderfully well in Mouse's world. He lives in a gorgeous home with a beautiful garden. Except ... one of his windows is a little bit crooked. Fiddlesticks!

He asks Bear, who is big and strong, to help. The window is straightened. Except ...

He pushed a little too hard and now the frame is broken. Fiddlesticks, rats!

Not to worry, Squirrel is great at woodwork. He soon repairs the frame. Except ...

One of Squirrel's exuberant nails hits the water pipe! Fiddlesticks, rats and hopscotch!

As Mouse's house floods with water, what else could possibly go wrong. LOTS!

This is an adorable, active story with loads of sweet characters all keen to help out and cause another accident or two. Along the way, Mouse's Fiddlesticks! cries become longer, making for some rib-tickling text--until, that is, he's rendered speechless.

Can Mouse return his happy home to normal? Or will something even better come along?

Super divine illustrations make this book a visual delight adults will enjoy as much as kids. The underlying messaging on the importance of imperfection is beautifully done, as is the idea 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Title: Fiddlesticks!
Author: Sean Taylor
Illustrator: Sally Anne Garland
Publisher: Simon and Schuster, $19.99 RRP
Publication Date: 1 June 2014
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9780857076144
For ages: 3 - 7
Type: Picture Book