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Friday 30 January 2015

KBR Short Story: The Creepy School House

by Susan Hili

The door opened slightly with a creak… “Push harder,” Jade said.

With another push the door swung open and two girls landed in a heap on the floor.

“WOW!” Erin said as she got up and walked around the classroom. “It gives me goose bumps.”

“I told you it’s creepy,” Jade replied.

The old school house had been closed for many years - ever since the new school was built.

“This is where my granny went to school,” Jade said looking around.

“It’s so dark,” Erin whispered.

“Your eyes will adjust,” Jade replied.

It was still dark and gloomy, even after their eyes adjusted. The windows were covered with white sheets.

“It smells like an old wet dog,” Erin said with her nose screwed up.

They heard faint singing.

“Is that children singing?” Jade asked.

“Yes I think so,” Erin replied.

One of sheets covering the windows started to flutter like a sail on a boat.  All of a sudden it flapped into the air and cracked like a whip. It became loose and started flying around the room.

“It’s a ghost!” Jade blurted.

Shaking with fear Jade and Erin backed into a corner. The ghost hovered, and with huge black holes for eyes gazed down at them. Huddling together shaking with fear they planned their escape.

” Woo Woo!” the ghost wailed.

“Let’s get out of here!” Erin screamed.

They raced towards the door but it slammed shut!

The singing became louder and louder.

Woo…Woo! The ghost came closer. Jade and Erin ducked under a desk. The ghost floated above  them and slowly settled on top of the desk like a tablecloth.

Jade and Erin crawled out from under the desk with the sheet covering them.

Jade peeked out from under the sheet as she guided Erin towards the door. She turned the knob. This time the door opened!

Both squeezed through the small doorway and in their panic stumbled down the steps.

Landing in a tangled mess, they jumped up and unravelled the sheet while hopping around like they were on top of an ants nest.

As they ran away from the school house screaming for their lives, they heard a sound like laughter.

“Keep running! I think it’s a kookaburra,” Jade yelled.

Watching were Ben and Jacob, who were laughing so hard they nearly wet their pants.

“That was so funny,” Ben said as he wound the string up with the sheet trailing behind.

“I’m so glad you heard Jade telling Erin about the creepy school house,” Jacob said.

“You can turn off the CD player now,” Ben said with a snigger.

“I turned it off!” Jacob replied.

Ben and Jacob stared at each other in horror. Inside they heard the children sing louder than ever.


Susan Hili has secretly felt a need to write ever since she was very young.  Recently retired, she now has the time to pursue her passion for writing children stories. The wonderful environment around her home in the Blue Mountains sends her imagination loose, as does spending special time reading stories with her gorgeous granddaughters.  She find walking her dog inspires her to develop ideas for her stories. She also has a passion for illustrations.

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