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- author Jackie French

Saturday 31 January 2015

Review: Extra Weird (Weirdo #3)

Weir Do’s life is strange and unpredictable. Murphy’s Law shadows him. Yet things always have a way of turning out for the best. Weir’s family is blessed with strange skills and these skills are the basis for each chapter in this book. School mates and friends play a part in the havoc that is Weir Do’s life.

The whole Do family is weird but so happy. Each member has the utmost confidence in themselves and they enjoy life to the max. Mum’s favourite expression is ‘just in case’. This validates all the unusual decisions she makes. The decision to enter a competition to win a year’s supply of dog food without owning a dog proves that she does well to stick to her motto.

Gross, hilarious and very entertaining, Weir Do goes against the grain once more as he is faced with snot, battling balls, a dance competition with his dad, lots of canned dog food and lots of ridiculous imagination stirred in. What’s more, we see it all in illustrated detail on every page!

Each chapter has a new event stretched out into a short story. Strung together like elements of chaos, it all ends polished into perfect sense.

Minimal text and lots of visuals makes the Weirdo books ideal for reluctant readers. Kids love these books. They make them laugh, are cheeky, and kids can relate to everything, especially the crazy things that the characters get up to. Themes of family, friendship, self confidence and identity are well covered.

Title: Extra Weird (Weirdo #3)
Author: Anh Do
Illustrator: Jules Faber
Publisher: Scholastic Press, $14.99 RRP
Publication Date: November 2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781743627051
For ages: 6-8
Type: Junior Fiction