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- author Jackie French

Saturday 7 February 2015

Review: Pancakes, Pancakes!

When Jake wakes up one morning, he has one thing on his mind. A great big pancake (who doesn't!).

Mum is rather busy (who isn't!) and so she asks Jacks to help whip up a batch. First, she needs some flour, so Jack sets to reaping the wheat in the fields.

He then takes it to the miller to grind it into flour, but first, he needs to help the miller separate the grain from the chaff.

When he returns to the house with the flour, Mum sets Jack off to the hen house to fetch an egg, then to the cow for some milk. Mum scoops the milk's cream into the churn so Jack can make butter.
Next is the fire to cook the pancakes. Off Jack goes to fetch the firewood, then he descends into the cellar to hunt out the strawberry jam.

Finally, finally, they're ready to cook. And boy does Jack enjoy that pancake!

I love the fable-like quality of this story, and the very clear message that not everything does (or should) come in a packet or can. I love the earthiness of both the message and the iconic Carle illustrations, that blend colour and texture with a gorgeous naivety both adults and children adore. 

Classic Carle.

Title: Pancakes, Pancakes!
Author/Illustrator: Eric Carle
Publisher: Little Simon, $12.99 RRP
Publication Date: 1 December 2004
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9780689871481
For ages: 1 - 5
Type: Picture Book, Board Book