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- author Jackie French

Sunday 15 March 2015

Speechie's Couch: E is for Everywhere, Everything, Every Time

Writing is all around us and on everything. We need literacy skills all the time in order to get the most out of life, but that can seem like plain hard work if decoding is difficult. So how can reading be made fun everywhere, all the time with everything?

How about letting your young reader take charge of the shopping list (even if this means some unexpected extras are added). If a birthday or special event is nearing, work together to create a list of all the special foods you want to buy for the special day.

Then there’s the kitchen. This mecca for magnificent flavours can become all the more fabulous if you share the cooking journey. This will not only enhance reading of recipes, but also introduce some handy mathematical skills.

And what about a good old-fashioned navigational adventure? The local street directory might be out of date, but following the roads to a surprise picnic destination is excitement plus. Or you could set up a treasure hunt where finding the answer to a written clue leads to another reading puzzler, and another, until the prize is finally revealed.

The ability to read timetables is another critical life skill, so why not plan a trip to the other side of town using a combination of routes? Download the relevant bus, train, tram or ferry schedules and let the fun begin.

Need I say more? Opportunities for reading, writing joy are absolutely everywhere, so let the fun begin, and continue daily. 

Jo Burnell is KBR's Development Editor and resident paediatric speech pathologist. A reviewer of children’s and YA books and shortlisting judge for Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year, Jo is familiar with effective writing for Upper Primary and Secondary students.