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- author Jackie French

Saturday 23 May 2015

Review: Fish Jam

Meet one little jazzy scat-singing, be-bopping fish who has trouble finding a friend to play with in the wide blue sea. Toot is a little noisy. No, make that very noisy! All he wants to do is sing, but the other animals in the ocean keep telling him to be quiet. They constantly ‘shhh’ him and ‘shoo’ him.

Then one day, something unexpectedly happens.  Toot is swallowed by a whale! To Toot’s surprise, he discovers a full jazz band inside the whale’s belly! Toot not only finds a belly full of friends but he quickly joins the ready-made band, and Toot never has to scat alone again.

With limited text, young children will adore the opportunity to ‘read’ the story by themselves. Author-illustrator, Kylie Howarth, beautifully chooses words children will love to repeat, in this clever, light-hearted read-aloud story. Matched with her unique and eye-catching illustrations, Fish Jam is a great introduction to the simple joy of making music and a must read, or even sing-along, for every household.

Title: Fish Jam
Author/Illustrator: Kylie Howarth
Publisher: Five Mile Press, $19.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 April 2015
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781760067045
For ages: 3 - 7
Type: Picture Book