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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Review: The Burning Sea (The Warlock's Child #1)

This series has the perfect recipe for a riveting read presented in compact instalments. There are dragons, warlocks, war at sea, intrigue, treachery and betrayal. Two incredibly talented writers have collaborated to create six books; one available each month. So there won’t be a long wait between reads.

Dravaud the dragon watches the fleet as he circles above. Fourteen year old Dantar, son of the emperor’s battle warlock, Calbaras, works without privileges as cabin boy on the Invincible, a ship of the Dravinian fleet. His sister Velza, a shapecasting warrior squad captain, and stickler for the rules, is fighting hard to keep her position in a male world. Dantar sees her as an enemy. They are there at their father’s insistence.

The emperor has declared war against the Savarians having received a report that they are practicing the forbidden magics. These magics were broken into four parts by the dragons a thousand years ago, to disable the possibility of them being used by the human Dark Hands, who had caused the greatest war in all history.

Whose traitorous voice is heard by Dantar through the damaged speaking tube? Dangerous adventures await him and the crew. How will they survive the war?

The story is told in different points of view by Dragons, Dantar and Velza. It has a cast of characters you love and hate, and a story to make you impatient to read what happens next. These books will attract struggling readers as they have short chapters and the following title picks up immediately from where the previous one left off.

Title: The Burning Sea (The Warlock's Child #1)
Author: Paul Collins & Sean McMullen
Illustrator: Marc McBride
Publisher: Ford St, $12.95 RRP
Publication Date: April 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978192500924
For ages: 10+
Type: Middle Fiction