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Monday 3 August 2015

#LoveOzYA August Update with Trinity Doyle

Credit: Farrah Allen
To support the #LoveOzYA initiative, each month Kids' Book Review will ask an Australian YA author to share their favourite Australian young adult titles - what they are reading, what they've read and what books are on their TBR pile. We'll also include a list of Australian author YA new releases for the month. Our guest author for August is Trinity Doyle, author of Pieces of Sky.

What are you currently reading?
I just finished Tegan Bennett Daylight’s short story collection Six Bedrooms. A brilliant coming of age collection written with so much clarity and truth.

What are your recent OzYA favourites?
One True Thing by Nicole Hayes
The Guy, The Girl, The Artist and His Ex by Gabrielle Williams
Every Move by Ellie Marney

What 5 OzYA titles are currently in your TBR pile?
Risk by Fleur Ferris
In the Skin of a Monster by Kathryn Barker
Becoming Kirrali Lewis by Jane Harris
Inbetween Days by Vikki Wakefield
Cloudwish by Fiona Wood

What advice would you give to aspiring YA authors?
Write the story you love and not one you think will sell.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current writing project?
I’m currently working through a lot of stops and starts and trying to find the thing to take me forward. Working on being quiet and filling the well :)

Visit Trinity Doyle's website for more information about her books and author events.

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