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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Review: Storm Rescue (Pup Patrol #3)

Storm Rescue continues the adventures and escapades of James Barnaby a budding vet. He is accompanied by his dog Stamp, the narrator of this series, and Ace, a dog of mixed breed with bad manners and mean disposition, as they travel in a Fourby around the Australian outback.

Stamp’s Glossary continues to define words and expressions in bold type throughout the book. The dogs, people and settings are brought to life by Janine Dawson’s superb fine lined illustrations in black and white.

James has entered the Great Atherton K9 and Friends Festival in Queensland. Off they go on another road trip. Tina, James’ friend is using the festival as an opportunity to socialise her new dog Pipwen.  Could it work for the naughty Ace as well?

A cyclone warning for the area doesn’t deter the travellers, but James stays updated on the travel path of the cyclone. The winding road to the Tablelands makes Ace sick and she whines and complains as usual. They settle in at the camping ground and check out the challenge course. Four year old Imogen takes a strong liking to Ace and stays close to her. Everyone is enjoying themselves but Cyclone Julia has changed course and is headed their way.

Safety plans fall into place. Everyone moves into the woolshed with their dogs.  Things begin to happen. Tilly is getting ready to give birth to her litter. James, always ready to help, offers his skill and experience.

Imogen is minding Ace. Lots of kids are helping. Ace is in dog heaven; a pampered pooch, her behaviour the opposite to her normal grumpy self. The storm rages as people settle down for the night.

The next day the storm has blown itself out. But where is Ace, and Imogen? Can the clever Stamp track down their scent?

This instalment covers information on cyclones and waether patterns. It offers young readers a look at what happens in an emergency situation, and how teamwork and community spirit ensures safety and prevents chaos during unexpected and frightening events.

Storm Rescue is the third book in the Pup Patrol series, which includes Farm Rescue and Bush Rescue.

Title: Storm Rescue (Pup Patrol #3)
Author: Darrel and Sally Odgers
Illustrator: Janine Dawson
Publisher: Scholastic Press, $9.99RRP
Publication Date: May 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781743623015
For ages: 6+
Type: Junior Fiction