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Monday 14 September 2015

Review: Herbert Peabody and the Incredible Beehive (Herbert Peabody #2)

Herbert (Herbie) Peabody is a fruit and vegetable farmer at Mulberry Tree Farm.  He talks to the insects that share the ground in his garden and exchanges information. He is a friend of all living things. Herbie’s friend Bee is looking for a new place for her hive. There isn’t enough pollen for honey anymore, because there aren’t enough plants and flowers.

It is the day of the soccer finals and the ball is kicked over the fence into the gardens of Huffelton House, a building that is said to be haunted by the Voice That Belongs to Nobody. Herbie offers to get the ball. He discovers badly neglected gardens, and ground perfect for growing vegies. He knocks on the front door and The Voice That Belongs to Nobody tells him to Go Away!

Herbie is determined to solve the mystery of the Voice. He turns to his friend Theo at the bakery and discovers that deliveries of muffins were frequently made for Miss Tidy the housekeeper at Huffelton House.

Herbie is a man that won’t give up. He quickly hatches a plan. His poetry and foot-tapping inspire him to think of other solutions. Can muffins be the answer?

He takes some fresh muffins to Huffington House and braves the Voice That Belongs to Nobody. He discovers it does belong to somebody.

Herbie puts the second part of his plan into action with incredible results. The whole town turns out to help him. At last, they bid goodbye to the Voice That Belongs to Nobody, and welcome back to the community a person long hidden away.

This second book in the Herbert Peabody series for the 6+ age group is far better than the first. The narrative and storyline is stronger and keeps the reader thinking. The main focus here is to draw children’s attention to the important role bees play in the world’s food chain and the importance of environmental sustainability, now taught in all schools. It also calls attention to community spirit and alternate ways of solving problems.

Title: Herbert Peabody and the Incredible Beehive (Herbert Peabody #2)
Author: Bianca Ross
Illustrator: Tabitha Emma Bray
Publisher: Farinet, $18.95 RRP
Publication Date: August 2015
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780987595515
For ages: 6+
Type: Junior Fiction