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Tuesday 13 October 2015

Review: The Fanged Footys and Footybot Face-off (Crawf's Kick it to Nick #5 and #6)

Take a bunch of footy fanatic boys (and girl) and an oval with freaky properties and you get fast moving middle-grade horror stories with enough funny bits not to be too scary.

Shane Crawford teams up with Adrian Beck to create spooky, life-threatening footy stories that are just plain fun. Heath McKenzie’s full and half page illustrations add texture to the story and help struggling readers to stay in touch with the narrative.

In The Fanged Footys, you can guess what happens, but how do you stop a snapping footy with a mouth full of teeth? And how do you explain to furious classmates that you are not destroying their footballs out of spite?

It’s a bit more complicated in the Footybot Face-off. Nick used to be captain of his junior footy team. Now he should be taking orders from the new captain but there are lives at stake. Can Nick work out how to keep the team safe from the crazed footybots and still be part of the team?

With eight quick, easy reads in the series and a football training technique at the end of every tale, there is plenty to like about Crawf’s Kick it to Nick series.

The Fanged Footys (Crawf’s Kick it to Nick #5)
Footybot Face-off (Crawf’s Kick it to Nick #6)
Author: Shane Crawford and Adrian Beck
Illustrator: Heath McKenzie
Publisher: Puffin, $8.99 RRP
Publication Date: February 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780143307907 / 9780143307891
For ages: 7 - 9
Type: Junior Fiction