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Thursday 1 October 2015

Review: Sad, the Dog

A little dog is given as a gift to a couple who really aren’t interested in having a pet. They feed the dog and keep him clean, but they don’t play with him. They don’t even given him a name. The little dog names himself instead – Sad.

When the couple moves house without taking Sad along, it seems like the poor little dog is destined to remain uncared for and unloved. Is it possible for Sad to find a way to be happy?

This gentle story about an unwanted pet works on multiple levels for young readers. There is the obvious reminder that pets require not only food and water but also need to spend time with their owners and receive affection to truly be happy and cared for.  There is also a more subtle message that harsh words and indifference can leave people feeling isolated and unloved, even when their basic needs are met.

Fortunately, Sad finds a new owner who loves him and spends time with him. He even gets a new name; one that better reflects his new life.

The emotive text by author Sandy Fussell, well-known for her Samurai Kids series, is beautifully complemented by Tull Suwannakit’s watercolour illustrations. Sad, the Dog is a lovely story that invites children to talk about belonging and how we can ensure that our pets (and family, and friends) feel loved and included.

Title: Sad, the Dog
Author: Sandy Fussell
Illustrator: Tull Suwannakit
Publisher: Walker Books, $24.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 October 2015
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781921529641
For ages: 4 - 8
Type: Picture Book
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A touching look into the life of an unloved pet and the heart-warming journey towards finding your true home.

Sad, The Dog

by Sandy Fussell and illustrated by Tull Suwannakit.
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