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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Review: Eat Your Words

When the 52-Week Illustration Challenge first began in January 2014, I had absolutely no idea the impact it would have on some people's lives and the fabulous projects and opportunities and events that would ensue.

One such fabulous project (and there have been many!) is this beautiful book by Challenge member Suzanne Houghton, who was inspired by a 2014 bonus Alphabet Challenge.

Suzanne took around a year to complete this amazingly realistic gastronomic alphabet--then very quietly slipped them inside the pages of a book. As you do.

Self-published, this is a fine production, with satin pages and perfect binding. Not only are the illustrations amazing, it's beautifully-designed and laid out, too. A real testament to quality self-publishing.

From snowpeas and lollipops to jelly and toast, kids can guess which each item is (some may test them!) and then flick to the glossary at the back to see if they're right. U will test them, but I'll be very worried if they don't guess L for 'lollipop'.

My biggest congratulations to Suzanne on this glorious achievement. It really does go to show that anyone can do anything if they put their heart and paintbrush into it.

You can purchase Eat Your Words at Suzanne's online store, along with a companion memory game.

Title: Eat Your Words
Author/Illustrator: Suzanne Houghton
Publisher: Suzanne Houghton, $22.50 RRP
Publication Date: 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780646946665
For ages: 1 - 3
Type: Picture Book