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Sunday 22 November 2015

Review: How to Look After Your Puppy/Kitten

There are plenty of caring-for-pets books on the market--catering for older kids or adults who can use the books to instruct their children in animal care.

They're really great but are they also adorably pretty, like said puppy and kitten? Maybe not.

Until now.

These gorgeous hard cover books with dust jacket are a decidedly artsy way to learn the basics of pet care. Featuring gorgeous monochrome colour palettes and line illustrations, they are a work of art in themselves.
As for content--also good!

Sections include what to think about before buying a pet, the right type for you (pedigree or mongrel?), different breeds, preparing for your new arrival, how to choose a kitten or puppy, bringing them home, house-training, feeding, obedience, exercise, ways to keep them occupied/games to play, grooming and health.

Wonderfully comprehensive but in a totally kid-accessible way, with concise and well-edited text, these books are a great way to have kids take full responsibility for an exciting and important family addition.

The recommended age for these books is 3 - 6 but considering the text level, they would suit slightly older kids--or at least independent readers.

Title: How to Look After Your Puppy/Kitten (Pet Cadet books)
Author: Helen Piers
Illustrator: Kate Sutton
Publisher: Wide Eyed, $12.99 RRP
Publication Date: 29 July 2015
Format: Hard cover with dust jacket
ISBN: 9781847806505 / 9781847806499
For ages: 5 - 12
Type: Info Book