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- author Jackie French

Thursday 7 January 2016

International Book Giving Day 2016 Poster Reveal!


KBR is absolutely delighted to take part in revealing the 2016 International Book Giving Day poster for 2016! Isn't it superb? Created by the amazing Ben Newman.

IBGD has been running since 2012, with an aim to get as many books into the hands of as many children as possible. It's hard to believe that some kids--or perhaps even many kids--have little or even no access to books.

As unabahsed book lovers and champions of juvenile literacy, KBR wholeheartedly supports IBGD and we hope it will give you the impetus to jump on the book-giving wagon, too.

Held every 14 February, IBGD participants can give books directly or they can leave books in parks, waiting rooms or public spaces, for children to find (more info here).

Everyone is encouraged to use the poster, above, with a link to the website - bookgivingday.com - and please do use the hashtag #bookgivingday

We look forward to celebrating IBGD in 2016!