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- author Jackie French

Saturday 18 June 2016

Review: Americanine

This is such a cool book. Not only because it's about New York, because it's--like--the coolest place around. But because it's about a travelling dog. And it's humorous and dry. And it has wildly random illustrations that just make the heart sing.

Our little friend has travel to the Big Apple. He's just come back and he's telling his canine pals all about it, in that 'wow, you won't believe it' kind of way.

For example, there's all these people everyone in New York. Some of them run inside on these contraptions that go nowhere and there's not even a ball in sight. Others have their paws painted different colours.

There's a lady on Liberty Island who must have a really sore arm from holding up a big torch. And there's this big windy tunnel under the ground that people scurry into, in order to get to other places. And Grand Central Station is really kooky, because people go there to run in all directions, trying to get out of town.
And so on goes this beautifully-penned story, with our old doggy friends chatting away about this amazing city where everything is loopy and wonderful and crazy and fabulous.

Along the way, our line-drawn friends appear on every second verso page, chatting away with speech bubbles, totally charming the reader. On the recto pages and double-page spreads, detailed scenes have been crafted with wild, fat coloured pencil strokes that perfectly emote the atmosphere of this vibrant city.

Americanine is a joy to journey through. I adore its doggy characters and warmth, and I adore being transported back to a city that so readily captures the heart of people of all ages and walks of life. The detail, humour and illustration style is marvellously entertaining and vibrant--just like the Big Apple herself.

Title: Americanine
Author/Illustrator: Yann Kebbi
Publisher: Enchanted Lion, $34.99 
Publication Date: June 2015
Format: Hard cover, cloth-bound
ISBN: 9781592701728
For ages: 5 - 10
Type: Picture Book