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- author Jackie French

Friday 3 June 2016

Review: Bob the Artist

Bob has very, very skinny legs.

Not that skinny legs are a problem for Bob. Alas, they're seemingly a problem for other animals, who feel compelled to comment on his stick-like appendages, and funny 'stick walk'.

This all makes Bob very sad (as it would!), so he sets about trying to expand their puny form. This didn't work very well. Neither did eating too much or wearing disguises.

Things soon change for Bob when he happens upon an art gallery. Upon seeing the artwork, he becomes monumentally inspired. He decides to paint his beak in all manner of beautiful colours and patterns--each day more beautiful than the next.

When his beak is coloured, his skinny legs don't seem to matter any more because everyone is admiring Bob's wondrous beak. In fact, his confidence has grown so much, he actually feels quite proud of his legs!

This is a sweet story about loving who you are, and making the most of your assets. Simple, minimalist illustrations with a tonal colour palette splashed with memorable moments of colour, make for a visually striking book. I'm also loving the dynamic typeface--something that can really make or break a book.

Marion Deuchars is an internationally-acclaimed artist best known for her art-laden activity books. Bob is her first children's picture book.

Title: Bob the Artist
Author/Illustrator: Marion Deuchars
Publisher: Laurence King, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 May 2016
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9781780677712
For ages: 2 - 6
Type: Picture Book