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Wednesday 5 October 2016

Review: Poles Apart

Penguins live at the South Pole. Polar bears live at the North Pole. That's just the way it is.

Until … the Pilchard-Browns get lost on the way to a picnic. It seems that even in penguin families, the males don't like to ask for directions!

Fortunately, Mr White the polar bear is a helpful, kind-hearted bear. He's happy to guide the Pilchard-Browns back to their South Pole home. In fact, he's quite excited as he's often dreamed of being the first polar bear to reach the South Pole.

Off they go. Past sharks (not a good spot for the picnic), via America, England, Italy, India and Australia, until at last they reach their destination.

But, the South Pole isn't home for Mr White. He has to choose between staying with his new friends or going back to where he belongs.

This is an adorable picture book about following dreams, having adventures, and finding your way home. The Pilchard-Browns and Mr White are great characters, with the penguin kids having some of the best lines in the book! For example: 'Mummy says we should always follow our dreams,' said Peeky. 'Daddy says we should always follow him,' said Poots.

And the very cute twist at the end reminds us that friendships can survive no matter how far apart we live. It just take a little effort!

Title: Poles Apart
Author: Jeanne Willis
Illustrator: Jarvis
Publisher: Nosy Crow, $22.99
Publication Date: October 2016
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780857634924
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book