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Wednesday 9 November 2016

Review: Mary Poppins Up, Up and Away

Ah, Mary. How we love you. And we love you even more when delicately crafted in exquisite silhouetted lasercuts, as you pop your brolly and sail through a dark, star-speckled night.


Helene Druvert has added another divine creation to her body of work in Mary Poppins Up, Up and Away. A monochrome palette of black, white and grey takes the reader on a magical nighttime journey, based on the classic novel by PL Travers, and opening with Cherry Tree Lane.

Double-page spreads are overlaid with delicate, intricately designed full page lasercuts, allowing the printed scenes behind to pop through skeleton-like trees and windows.

Parts of the lasercut page also serve as foils for the printed imagery underneath, so that when the reader lifts the lasercut, we may see additional text, varying creatures, or Mary swirling up into the sky.

What I love about this book is that the lasercuts can be flipped from the recto to the verso page, creating a whole new scene to marvel over. The inky black and show white make for a visually striking book that all ages will coo over. I particularly love the constellation page--a densely black page with pin-pricks in the shape of animals... a torch would bring this page to life on a darkened ceiling. 

This is divine design at its best. Thoughtful, delicate and beautifully-crafted, it's a celebration of a classic, beloved tale you won't want to miss.

See more of Helene's magical work at her website.

Title: Mary Poppins Up, Up and Away
Author/Illustrator: Helene Druvert
Publisher: Thames and Hudson, $26.99
Publication Date: 1 October 2016
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9780500651049
For ages: 4 - 9
Type: Picture Book