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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Review: Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London

Oh, Ruby, you darling hare. How I adore your adventures. And even more so when you travel to one of my favourite cities on earth (thank you, Kate Knapp--how did you know??).

In this delightfully-penned tale, Ruby and her Babushka Galina Galushka, pack up and head to London on holidays.

Staying with Aunty pinky and cousins Samantha and Hugo, in their gorgeous townhouse, they take in the delights on English living, and begin to explore the city.

From the Tube to Buck Palace, and all the delightful little spots in between... bookshops and renowned department stores and toy shops and such... Ruby and her granny have the time of their lives. But they also have time to just stop for a moment... and take in the beauty all around.

Gentle and sweetly humoured, this is another addition to the divine Ruby Red Shoes library--and another tale that will delight with its charming narrative and adorable illustrations.

Kate's delectable colour palette and attention to detail yet again shine, and make visual exploration a delight. I love how Kate's relatively sophisticated vocabulary and text length has not been dumbed down in this series. It really works, and kids will quickly fall into yet another warming Ruby Red Shoes tale.

Title: Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London
Author/Illustrator: Kate Knapp
Publisher: HarperCollins, $19.99
Publication Date: 10 November 2016
Format: Hard cover, small format
ISBN: 9780732297626
For ages: 4 - 9
Type: Picture Book