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- author Jackie French

Monday 12 December 2016

Review: Dinosaur vs. the Potty

A little while after reading (and loving!) Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, I was in a bookstore and I stumbled across Dinosaur vs. the Potty. It actually happened at the most opportune time as my daughter had just started to make progress with her toilet training - thank you universe!

Over this period, we had explored a number of picture books with a toilet training focus and found most of these books to be highly instructional, rather than integrating the topic through a traditional story line approach.

Instead, they usually addressed the reader, they had generic unnamed characters, bland illustrations, and focused on instructing the reader on the logistics of toileting - sitting (or standing if appropriate!), wiping, flushing and washing hands. While there is definitely a need and place for these sorts of books, I really loved Dinosaur vs. the Potty precisely because it was the exact opposite.

In Dinosaur vs. the Potty, we follow the same energetic toddler-esk dinosaur from the first book, as he navigates the challenges of his day that might normally cause him to use the toilet. He has a three juice box lunch (no potty - Dinosaur wins!), he plays in water (no potty - Dinosaur wins!), he makes lemonade (no potty - Dinosaur wins again!) In fact, dinosaur wins so much that he does a victory dance. But wait. That looks like a potty dance! Will Dinosaur make it to the potty in time?!

Parents of toilet training toddlers will recognise their own toddlers toilet training journey all the way through this book, the constant asking, the jiggly dances, the putting off, and of course the shock of realisation and consequential mad dash once they finally concede that yes, maybe they do actually need to go.

Dinosaur vs. the Potty is such a fun story to read with your toddler, with lots of ROARing, bold and colourful illustrations and crazy antics, that still lends plenty of opportunity to develop a more natural discussion with your toilet training terrors on what should really be going on when they get 'that' feeling.

Title: Dinosaur vs the Potty
Author/Illustrator: Bob Shea
Publisher: Hyperion Books, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 May 2012
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781423133391
For ages: 1-3
Type: Picture Book