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- author Jackie French

Saturday 17 December 2016

Review: The Family Hour in Australia

Did you know the platypus swims with its eyes closed? Were you aware a baby echidna is called a puggle? These facts and many more fill this delightful non-fiction picture book about Australian animals.

Written and illustrated by Tai Snaith, The Family Hour in Australia is a fun and informative picture book about a range of Australian animal families and the things they do each day. You will learn about the snacking habits of the numbat family and the sleeping patterns of the koala family, amongst many others.

The facts presented are fun, interesting and easy for kids to understand, but it's the amazing illustrations that really make this book shine. Hand drawn by Snaith, the artwork is colourful, detailed and … hilarious!

Each animal family has been humanised in some way, so when the platypus family goes swimming, they do so wearing their favourite swimming suits. And when the baby echidna (puggle) drinks milk, it drinks from a cup with a pink straw.

This special and unique spin is entertaining and engaging. The illustrations are a joy to explore, and they provide an opportunity to get kids talking about the information and images in the book.

The Family Hour in Australia is a fantastic choice for introducing young kids to Australia’s wonderful and interesting wildlife. Older kids who know their animals (but maybe not much about them) will also enjoy the fascinating facts and bonus information at the back of the book.

A joy to read and explore, this book has something for a wide range of ages.

Title: The Family Hour in Australia
Author/Illustrator: Tai Snaith
Publisher: Thames and Hudson, $24.95
Publication Date: 1 July 2012
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780500500330
For ages: 3 – 5
Type: Picture Book