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Saturday 10 December 2016

Review: Never Tickle a Tiger

In Never Tickle a Tiger, Izzy the jiggling wriggler can’t stop moving. She paints with her pigtails, jiggles her jelly and plays with peas. When her class visits the zoo, things are no different. Izzy pokes the peacock and taps the tortoises.

Her teacher warns her not to tickle the tiger, but Izzy can’t help herself. She tickles that tiger and chaos unravels at the zoo. Izzy creates pandemonium, and she must find a way to fix it.

This story is fun, engaging and a joy to read. Butchart uses alliteration to add sparkle to the story, and foldout pages in the middle of the book provide a marvellous backdrop for the mayhem Izzy triggers when she tickles the tiger.

Boutavant’s illustrations are big, bold and colourful. Kids will love the details to explore and the cheeky little hedgehog hiding on most of the pages.

Without being obvious, Never Tickle a Tiger provides a cautionary tale about the perils of ignoring a warning. But the message isn’t forced, and even young Izzy doesn’t completely learn her lesson, as you will see on the last page.

Young children will love this book for the fun storyline, bright colours and the secret hiding hedgehog. Adults will enjoy reading it, and teachers might also find it useful as an introduction to alliteration for older kids.

Do you know someone who doesn’t like to sit still? Do you have an untiring wriggler and shuffler living in your house? If you do, they are going to relate to Izzy in this fun picture book by Pamela Butchart and Marc Boutavant.

Title: Never Tickle a Tiger
Author: Pamela Butchart
Illustrator: Marc Boutavant
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, $14.99
Publication Date: 25 February 2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408839041
For ages: 3 – 5
Type: Picture Book