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Thursday 19 January 2017

Audiobook Review: The Book Thief

As The Book Thief is hands down one of my most favourite novels I have ever read, I was somewhat reluctant to listen to it on audiobook, just in case the performance took away from my experience of the book, rather than adding to it. I still haven't watched the movie adaptation for the same reason. However, I'm so pressed for reading time these days and I really wanted to read it again, so I took the plunge and I'm ever so glad that I did!

British actor Allan Corduner narrates the story flawlessly as he takes the listener on Markus Zusak's journey down Himmel Street. With fineness, Corduner voices each character, managing to radiate Hans Hubermann's (Papa) warmth, capture Rudy Stiner's adolescent cheek, and express Death's haunted and weary existence.

I was initially unsure how a male narrator would accurately portray the voice of Leisel, but he does so superbly, in fact he does all the voices superbly with never a moment of confusion as to who is speaking. Corduner's performance truly enhances the story, the characters and Zusak's exquisite prose.

I must admit that the 12 year old in me was also more than a little thrilled to learn how to properly pronounce some basic German cuss words.

Overall, listening to this audiobook version has left me even more in love with The Book Thief than I was before - a seemingly impossible feat - and I think it is now a strong contender for being one of my most favourite audiobooks of all time as well.

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Title: The Book Thief Audiobook
Author: Markus Zusak
Narrator: Allan Corduner
Publisher: Listening Library, $29.95
Publication Date: 1 September 2006
Format: CD
ISBN: 0739337270
For ages: 12+
Type: Audiobook, Young Adult Fiction