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- author Jackie French

Sunday 15 January 2017

Review: The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight

Do you like adventure? Do you like dragons? Do you like impeccable rhyme? The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight has it all. This is an entertaining and enchanting picture book by author Elli Woollard and illustrator Benji Davies.

Skilfully rhymed, the story introduces Dram the dragon. Dram’s family tells him he must leave the nest and find a knight to bite (it’s what dragons do), but on his journey, Dram falls and is injured.

James, a young knight in training, rescues Dram and helps him recover. But Dram doesn’t realise James is a knight, and James, having never seen a dragon before, doesn’t realise Dram is his enemy. Dram and James form a friendship, and when their true identities are revealed, they both face a choice about what to do next.

Woollard has weaved in a clear message about stereotyping and not judging a book by its cover. But the story is so well written and entertaining, the message blends into the narrative, making it practically invisible.

The illustrations are beautiful and alluring with bright, bold colours. Blues, greens, pinks and purples fill almost every corner of every page, engaging and enticing the audience to pour over the details.

The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight is a delightful picture book that is sure to entertain any dragon lover for multiple readings.

Title: The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight
Author: Elli Woollard
Illustrator: Benji Davies
Publisher: Pan Macmillan, $14.95
Publication Date: 26 April 2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781447254812
For ages: 3 - 5
Type: Picture Book