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Monday 27 March 2017

Review: Clearing the Pack

Clearing the Pack is book four of the sport-centred, The Legend Series. We see main characters Mitchell, Jack and Bubba set to do play for the title of Legend of Football. Luci against Mia battle it out for Legend of Netball. The pace is again fast, and the action furious.

The secret in the library, left hanging without resolve in book three, continues to mystify. Lots of tasty mystery morsels are again positioned through the chapters to keep the reader’s guessing.

It’s June, and the beginning of football month. Mitchell Grady finds himself on the same side as his nemesis, the incorrigible bully Travis Fisk. Brainy Bryce has proven that size doesn’t matter by winning the tennis match against Fisk.  Bryce is determined to solve the mystery of the extra window visible only from the outside of the library.

Fisk hates being beaten.  The festering dislike he feels toward Mitchell and his friends is intensified. Coercion is now his tool for revenge. Everyone loves a winner and no one will listen to anything against the school’s star athlete. When Jack falls victim to Fisk’s disguised on ground violence, there’s nowhere to go.

Can Mitchell withdraw from the match to secure his friends’ safety? Or will this only give Fisk more power over them?

Who will be the new Legend of Netball, and what has happened to Bryce?

I can’t wait to discover the mystery of the library window. This terrific series has me hooked. Great characters, tension and mystery are contained in a strong storyline. Generous amounts of information and stats on the sport support the text. Entwined in themes of sportsmanship, friendship and loyalty, is the disturbing issue of how young people are manipulated for personal gain by those older and close to them.

Title: Clearing the Pack
Author: Michael Panckridge
Publisher: Ford Street Publishing, $14.95
Publication Date: March 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925272642
For ages: 10+
Type:  Middle Fiction