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Friday 10 March 2017

Review: Homemade Granola

These delicious and nutritious granola recipes using oats and muesli step away from the common muesli bar. If you are seeking to find something different to create for your children’s lunchboxes (and for the entire family), here is the perfect breakfast, snack, or staple that freezes, and keeps well after baking. 

Preparing is quick and easy. It includes gluten-free and lactose-free granola. The recipes can be customized to suit individual needs, and will easily accommodate the nutritional needs of children from 3 years onward.

All recipes begin with a basic dry granola mix. There is also fibre-rich multigrain mix, trail mix, and quinoa mix to choose from. These dry mixes are the starting point to the scrumptious recipes contained in the book. Fresh or dried fruit can be added to form your own version of granola. Variations include the addition of yogurt and pudding to transform your granola choice into a mouth-watering desert.

There is a recipe for caramel granola cake, energy balls, and marshmallow granola slice ideal for school lunchboxes, pantry or office drawer. Healthy options of crumbles and bread recipes are also included. The chocolate lover’s granola can be transformed into choc chip granola cookies or muffins for treats and snacks. Nuts and grains of all types can be added to increase nutritional status.

This granola recipe book is worth looking at. With its healthy, easy to follow recipes, it will be an inspired addition to any food lover’s bookshelf.

Title: Homemade Granola
Author: Elise Barber
Publisher: New Holland Publishers, $29.99
Publication Date: July 2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742578453
For ages: All Ages
Type:  Recipe book