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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Review: The Bad Decisions Playlist

I fell in love with Austin Methune from the first page.

It's true he's an impulsive show pony when there's a girl in sight and that he's an irresponsible idiot who gets himself in the most ridiculous situations, but Austin is also heart-rendingly adorable.

It's not just because he shares the complex reasons for his idiot actions, or that he is a ruthless self-assessor. Austin Methune is full of heart, even when it comes to his nemesis.

It's true Austin makes wrong turn after disastrous misstep but he does steady for a while. I confess, it was weird to feel uncomfortable when he was doing almost normal things.

In the end I think he broke my heart as well as his own.

But you know what? Austin's journey through sixteen was real. My own regrets over teenage craziness melted into acceptance as I saw how inevitable mistakes are. It's life and it hurts but that's okay.

If you want to laugh, cry, tense with unease and hope all in the space of a novel, don't wait to pick up The Bad Decisions Playlist. It's a keeper.

Title: The Bad Decisions Playlist
Author: Michael Rubens
Publisher: Penguin, $19.99
Publication Date: 1 August  2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780143573876
For ages: 14 years +
Type: Young Adult