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- author Jackie French

Thursday 6 April 2017

Review: Eight Ways to Draw an Elephant

Always with educating the reader in mind, Tara Books has produced this wonderful introduction to art for beginners, using an elephant as the model. 

It begins at the cover. A folded flap with differing photos of elephants accompanied by questions, serves to awaken the child’s curiosity and creativity.  This flap opens to extend the view of the end pages. These are covered in eye-catching images of smaller elephants in different designs, decorations and colours.

Each page has a different, additional stage of the drawing. At the bottom of alternate pages, the text encourages following the lines of each sample. Along with the instructions come facts about elephants, and the drawing styles which come from different parts of India. The challenge is to explore the images and information, and create your own style of elephant.

The different types of elephants are addressed, and their differences pointed out. The drawings gradually become more detailed and varied as the art forms are showcased and information about their decoration is presented to us.

The back flap has eight art styles pictured in elephant form, with the name of the region they belong to, who the artist is, and named are the themes that the decorative art covers.

This interesting book gives children the freedom of choice without expectation, to come to art imaginatively, and express themselves through colour and design born from their individual imagination.

Title: 8 Ways to Draw an Elephant
Author: Paola Ferrarotti with various artists
Publisher: Tara Books/Thames and Hudson, $12.99
Publication Date: January 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789383145263
For ages: 4+
Type: Non Fiction