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Thursday 13 April 2017

Review: I Don't Want Curly Hair

This book is vibrantly brilliant. The title attracted me in the first place, but my goodness the illustrations are boast-worthy.

Anderson's red-headed, curly haired protagonist leaps off the page with her impossible-to-tame curls and zesty personality.

The girl's ongoing battle with her own curly hair is, unfortunately, one that I am all too familiar with.

As a young girl I tried everything to win said battle; brushing, combing, yanking, constant bun, chemical straightener.
All of this before I even graduated high-school! In fact, I still remember the moment when I was in year 7 and the principal remarked on what messy hair I had. Beetroot-cheeked shame followed.

So yes, when I saw this title I knew I had to quickly snatch it up. The message is important, especially as curly hair is something which is unavoidably attention-grabbing for little ones. This makes it one of those things we need to ensure they are comfortable with and, more-so, proud of!

The book's rhyming text is fun, snappy and effective -- and this from someone who usually doesn't embrace rhyming text.

Most of all, I want to jump into the pages and join the protagonist on her journey of curl-love-discovery. I won't share the fun and unexpected way the curly haired protagonist finds some inner-hair-chi.

If you want to find out how, you'll have to buy this one for yourself, and I heartily recommend you do. Especially if your little guy or gal isn't loving their curls -- or maybe if you're a principal who feels the same!

Title: I Don't Want Curly Hair
Author/Illustrator: Laura Ellen Anderson
Publisher: Bloomsbury, $14.99
Publication Date: 01 March 2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408868409
For ages:
Type: Picture book