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Sunday 2 April 2017

Review: Rock Pool Secrets

The talented Narelle Oliver’s vision and passion shine through in this, her very last book. It is a tragedy that she did not live to see her beautiful book published but this book really is a tribute to her artistic gifts and her obvious love and concern for the creatures we share this world with.

Bring kids on a journey of discovery as they explore the rock pools at the beach, searching for the multitude of little sea creatures hiding and scurrying beneath the surface.

What will they find?

At first glance there's nothing much to see.
But the rock pools are full of secrets.

Will they spot the hidden crabs 'playing dress-ups' or the shrimp with a body 'clear as a bubble' or the sea slug whose 'blobby body melts into the rock’s shape'? They are not all easy to find either - hidden carefully amongst the wide variety of organisms, rocks, seaweed and shells that scatter the edges and bases of the rock pools.

The meticulously crafted images give readers a realistic taste of the rock pools with all their complexity and diversity of life. The illustrations are rich in detail and texture, with the large lifting flaps revealing even more creatures hidden in the depths of the rock pools. You will never look at rock pools the same way again!

As well as the fun of finding the hidden creatures, kids will also gain a wealth of knowledge. Each creature is described in an interesting, yet factual way, whilst conveying a sense why they look or act in certain ways. The starfish’s 'suction-cup feet cement its bumpy body' to the rock and the turban sea snails keep their shells 'shut tight – sealed with special lids called cat’s eyes' so they can remain 'moist and safe'.

There is also a pictorial glossary at the end for older readers to pore over and learn more about the creatures introduced in the book.

Narelle’s final book really enshrines her legacy. She will never be forgotten whilst children continue to treasure and enjoy this wonderful book.

Title: Rock Pool Secrets 
Author/Illustrator: Narelle Oliver 
Publisher: Walker Books, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 April 2017 
Format: Hard Cover 
ISBN: 9781922179357
For ages: 3
Type: Picture Book