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Sunday 18 June 2017

Guest Post: Shelly Unwin on Launching her Debut Picture Series

The last two years have been a time warp. Most of the time went by so slowly as I tried to wait patiently for my series to be ready to go to market, and then the last four months have rattled past faster than a Japanese bullet train. Im still very excited about the books arrival into stores, but, just quietly, Im also packing it.

Ive never done this before. And Im very attached to my five little babies. I want them to succeed. I want them to be loved by all and bought by the truckloads. But of course until theyre out there you dont know how theyre going to be received.
I have also organised a series of launches, which scare me silly. Im the sort of person who could order enough champagne for a hundred people and forget to organise the glasses! So what if it all goes terribly wrong? Well, I suppose well just laugh about it. It will give people something to talk about, and talking is good, so long as the books get a mention right?!

Then theres the age group Ive written for. Its a beautiful age group - one to five - but lets be honest, those one year olds are not all ready to sit and listen to me at story-time. In fact I went around to a friends house to video my daughter reading Youre One! to her divine, perfectly behaved, and downright adorable one-year-old and we soon had to abandon our high hopes and settle for a cute video of the first three pages!

But all that said I couldnt be more excited. I believe in these little books. There is so much love in them. Children love telling you how old they are and these books celebrate that. They also help children to think about all the numbers around them - in Youre One! with one tummy to tickle, one head to shake, one little mouth for eating cakethrough to the wider concepts for five-year-olds in Youre Five!, five vowels to learn A, E, I, O, U, five questions to ask, what, where, when, how, and who.

So as they head off in trucks to the corners of Oz it is with a smidge of pride, a glimmer of expectation and a barrel-load of hope that their readers fall in love and cherish them nearly as much as I do. 

Shelly Unwin is an Australian based children's author with a background in primary teaching. The You're Series is her debut picture book collection with another two more picture books to follow in 2017. You can learn more about Shelly at her website, here.

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