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- author Jackie French

Sunday 11 June 2017

Review: Get Mapmaking! How to Get Creative With Maps

I would have loved a book like this when I was a kid, full of information about maps and how to make your own. I love it now, even as an adult.

It covers far more than traditional maps, though. Get Mapmaking! has 38 different kinds to try your hand at.

The first map on the list is a map of your bedroom - a floor plan. It's a great way to put mapmaking principles in context.

Next up is how to create a decorative compass to match the style of a map, and further on you'll learn the theory behind and practical tips for map scales, contour lines, topographic and other legends.

You can pick and choose, or progressively work your way through creating maps for various purposes.

A treasure map, maze map, sky map, archaeological map, weather map, and an underground cross-section are just some of those included.

Taking maps to a whole different level, there is also the chance to draw a map of the inside of the human body, a crime scene, a plumbing diagram, caving systems, and wiring diagrams.

Get Mapmaking! has hours of informative entertainment packed into it. Excellent for keeping youngsters amused while travelling, and just as good on a rainy day at home.

Title: Get Mapmaking! How to Get Creative With Maps
Author: Rian Hughes
Illustrator: Rian Hughes
Publisher: Frances Lincoln, $ 24.99
Publication Date: 2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780711237629
For ages: 8+
Type: Activity book